Will A Tattoo Artist Come To Your Home?

Over the years, tattoo enthusiasts have turned to away from getting their tattoos done in the parlor, for having the artwork performed in the comfort of their own homes. For some, having tattoo artists come to their home is ideal, not having to commute to any location, while having the benefit of being comfortable in your home while getting the artwork done. Some may speculate that obtaining tattoos at home isn’t the most ideal thing, while others have no problem going that route.

For many, getting a tattoo done at home is beneficial in the sense that the artwork would be at a cheaper rate compared to going to the actual tattoo parlor shop.

Many tattoo artists like practicing at home for the reason being that they don’t have to worry about the overall costs of renting a space, and working at home also provides them the chance to have their profits fully to them, whereas working in a tattoo parlor shop you would have to provide a percentage to the owners of the shop. Though this may seem tempting for many, we will discuss some of the consequences and risks of getting a tattoo done at home.

There are several reasons why getting a tattoo at home isn’t on many individuals to do list. Some of those reasons are based on the outcome of the tattoo, and also on the risks it may bring. This route has gained its popularity being that there is more accessibility for the customers and artists.

Some of the main reasons why it is risky to have your tattoo artist perform at home are:

  • Higher risk of the tattoo becoming infected.
  • Some individuals may experience allergic reactions.
  • Possible risk for skin infections if the tattoo machine isn’t properly sanitized.
  • It is illegal in certain areas.
  • The possibility of the artist not being a legitimate tattoo artist professional.

What are the dangers of tattooing at home?

Before considering getting a tattoo at home, everyone should be aware of the many complications one may experience from this. One of the main reasons why getting a tattoo done at home is dangerous, is for the reason that the artist will not have the same sterilization machines as they do in the tattoo shops needed for proper sterilization of their machines and needles.

It is recommended that you do some research on your artist to make sure they are indeed a professional, being that the internet has made it easier for anyone to purchase a tattoo machine without asking for any credentials; putting us at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Having the tattoo done at home can also double the risk of your piece becoming infected, as well as increasing the chances of contracting blood diseases such as Hepatitis, MRSA, and in worst cases HIV.

This may occur if the tattoo artist does not bring the proper tools, gear and accessories needed for a proper tattoo session. These chances increase more depending also on the location that you choose to have your tattoo session done at home.

Although some artists prefer the kitchen area when performing a tattoo session in their clients home, it is highly recommended to stay clear of the kitchen being that it is one of the most germ infested areas one can have in our home. Performing a tattoo session in this area would only double your chances of the germs spreading to your tattoo, causing some serious complications.

One of the main reasons why having a tattoo done at home wouldn’t be the best option, is for the simple fact that if your artist did not bring his proper equipment needed; such as his sterile water for rinsing off the excess ink from your skin, this leads the artist to have to use tap water which leads to your skin being prone to hundreds of bacteria entering the fresh open wounds made from the tattoo.

Another thing to consider about getting a tattoo done at home, is the fact that your tattoo artist may not dispose of his gloves as needed as they would in the tattoo parlors. This increases the chances of cross contamination taking place, which means that if your artist has their gloves on and they touch something that’s not sanitized; they are then contaminating their gloves and passing on those germs to anything else they come in contact with while wearing the same gloves.

If the artist does not properly clean the area of the tattoo placement and the needles, then the individual receiving the tattoo runs the risk of bacteria entering the skin.

What Does the Law Say?

While many individuals think that there is no laws prohibiting them from obtaining a tattoo session at home, it is highly recommended that you make sure what the laws are in your area to avoid any legal issues being that each state has their own rules and regulations. Some states are more strict that others when it comes to laws and regulations around tattooing.

States usually regulate tattooing in three primary ways such as:

  • Require the tattoo artist to first apply for a tattoo artist license before being able to perform any tattoos.
  • In some states, it is also require the tattoo establishments to apply and obtain a license for the establishment before proceeding with any tattoos.
  • In other states, it is required for both the tattoo artist and the parlor shop to be licensed.

There are several states such as Nevada in which the state laws do not regulate tattoos, but require certain training requirements and certifications to practice. In states like Arizona, there are no health regulations at all for tattoo parlor shops.

The state of Florida prohibits minors from getting any artwork done without proper parental consent, or in some cases requiring parents to be present at the time of the tattoo session.

What Happens If You Get Caught?

Depending which state you reside in, the consequences will vary such as the following:

  • Fines
  • Charges resulting in jail or prison
  • Probation

While there may be plenty of artists who work from home, this does not make the practice legal. Many of the regulations do not pertain to the home artists, but the chances of your home passing your states healthy and safety tests are unlikely.

The best thing would be for the tattoo artist and the individual receiving the tattoo to contact their states Department of Public Health to receive their regulations and their rules per state.

If the individual does not comply with the rules and regulations from their state, they can be charged with up to the maximum penalty of a fine ranging anywhere between $50-$1,000. Some states requiring the artist to be licensed can face charges of misdemeanor offenses if caught practicing.

They can face up to one year in jail, but many states have laws that provide a lighter sentence. In cases where a minor is wanting to get a tattoo done at home, the artist should be aware that if they are caught practicing at home on a minor without any parental consent; they can face serious charges for tattooing a minor without consent including legal actions from the minors legal parent or guardians.

For example in the Florida state, tattooing without a license is considered a second-degree misdemeanor with a maximum jail sentence of 60 days. There are some cases where the court can choose to impose a probation if you are caught tattooing in a residence that is not licensed to perform tattoos.

It should also be known that is is illegal for a tattoo parlor shop to allow an artist to operate without being licensed to practice the art of tattooing.

All things considered, both the tattoo enthusiast and the artist practicing the session should research their states regulations to further avoid any legal issues. Not only is getting a tattoo at home putting yourself and the artist at risk of getting into some trouble, but you increase your chances of your artwork transmitting all types of blood-borne infections as mentioned earlier.

Considering all these factors before contacting someone to practice tattooing would be the smartest option to avoid any complications, and legal concerns. At the end of the day, before making an appointment for a house visit from your artist, you should take into consideration all the topics we touched base in and decide if this is truly the right choice for you.