When Can I Go Swimming With A Belly Button Piercing?

A belly button piercing is one of the coolest yet terrifying piercings for people, because of the amount of pain. In the end, belly piercings always look awesome, especially if you have follow the aftercare instructions by your piercing artists.

The only way for your belly piercing to look good is by taking care of it properly. And swimming with a belly button piercing is the opposite of caring for it. If you love swimming, you’re probably going to hate waiting at least 24 hours before hitting the pool again. Or until your belly piercing has successfully healed.

There are many complications attached to swimming with a belly button piercing. Therefore, to avoid that there are certain things you have to follow.

So to help you out mentioned below is everything you need to know about swimming with a belly button piercing.

What Are The Risks If You Do Swim Too Soon?

According to many health professionals, if you get a belly piercing, it is best to refrain from swimming for at least 3 weeks. However, if you can’t wait too long then you should give it a maximum of 24 hours.

It is very important for your bellybutton piercing to heal properly before it can have any exposure to chemicalized water. After getting a belly button piercing, the area becomes very sensitive and prone to catching infection.

Your piercer may recommend a few aftercare tips, and advise you to keep the belly button region dry at all times.

Going for a swim soon with a new belly piercing then you’re at a risk of infection. This infection will make you question your decision to get a piercing in this area in the first place.

Swimming pools include a lot of chlorine, which is the number one irritant to your belly piercing. Your belly piercing is especially at risk if it has not gone through proper healing.

Swimming pools usually contain bacteria as well. So when bacteria and chlorine meet together, they could become a powerful source for infection. They can react with your belly button piercing in a very harmful way, leading towards an infection.

If you get an infection in your piercing, you may have to remove it depending on its severity. This will put you in a lot of unease, and ruin the whole fun experience of getting a belly button piercing.

Belly button piercings are not just a fashionable accessory, but they also change your appearance. They can also make you feel more confident. So if you want to enjoy the perks of having a belly button piercing, then it would be best not to go swimming.


How to Cover a Belly Button Piercing For Swimming?

Even after your belly piercing has gone through proper healing, it is important to take precautions whenever you go swimming. You must make sure you cover your belly piercing whenever you go in the pool.

If you want your belly piercing to last longer and keep up with the appearance, then follow these simple steps.

The first thing you will need is a waterproof bandage to apply on the belly button piercing. This bandage is the best protecting measure there is when going in the pool and preventing an infection.

There are many types of waterproof bandages (Amazon link) available, make sure to choose the right one. You may find it a strange for the first time, but it won’t come in the way of your swimming. And the best part is that it will keep you safe from any infections.

The more important thing than the bandage is the way you remove it and clean the belly button area after. When removing the bandage don’t pull it out in one go as this could rip out your piercing.

Remove the bandage in a delicate way by adding the right amount of pressure to your skin. After you have removed the bandage, discard it at once, and get on with cleaning the belly button area.

When it comes to cleaning you will need a sterile cotton bud or any disinfected material you can find. Damp the belly button area with warm water and add a few drops of soap, preferably antibacterial.

Next use the cotton bud to rub it slowly, and then thoroughly wash of the soap residue using plain water. You must make sure that you’ve properly washed the area. You want nothing left that could cause an infection and irritate the piercing later on.

For a more effective cleansing and disinfection you can use a sea salt mixture to clean your belly button piercing after swimming. All you will need is one-quarter cup of boiled water, and leave it to cool at room temperature. Next. Add one and a half teaspoon sea salt non-iodized.

Once you have the mixture, pour it in a glass, and place this over your belly piercing. Position it correctly so that the solution pours in properly.

Once you’ve applied the solution, lay back and for 15 minutes let the salt water solution dissolve on your belly button piercing. After 15 minutes clean the area thoroughly and dry it.

Do the Rules Change Based On the Type of Water? (Ocean, Pool, etc)

No the rules don’t usually change for the protection of your belly button piercing based on the type of water. Any exposure to your belly button piercing is harmful, and makes it prone to catching an infection.

So no matter if you’re itching to take a swim in the sea, pool, stream, river or lake, you have to be careful. Make sure you cover up your piercing before diving in.

The same goes for hot tub baths. Staying in the tub for too long isn’t good for your piercing. Maybe you should just avoid a tub bath and stick to shower till your belly piercing properly heals.

Aftercare Tips of Belly Button Piercing for Faster Healing?

The duration of healing for belly button piercings depend from person to person. However, to keep it on track you must pay attention to its aftercare by following the tips given by your piercing artist.

Aftercare of belly piercings are very simple, all you need to do is stay consistent. Furthermore, avoid things such as swimming in open water, as direct water contact with your piercing makes it prone to infections.

Mentioned below are a few aftercare tips that will protect your belly button piercing, and ensure a faster healing process.

Clean with Saline or Sea Salt Solution

The best way to disinfect your belly piercing is by using a saline or sea salt solution. You have to apply the solution for a few minutes on your belly piercing, and then thoroughly wash and dry.

To apply the solution, submerge it into a disinfecting cloth and then apply it to your piercing. The best tool to use is a cotton bud.

Keep the Area Dry

In case of any contact with water, and especially after applying a solution you must make sure that you thoroughly dry the area. Any remains of water could lead to an infection.

Wash Your Hands

Before touching your piecing always makes sure you wash your hands with an antibacterial soap. Our hands are the main area where you will find most germs.

So to keep your belly piercing away from infections always keep your hands clean.

Sleep in the Right Position

When sleeping you don’t want your belly button piercing getting caught in the pillow or bed sheet. So to avoid this, avoid sleeping on your stomach, as sleeping on the back is the correct position.

Also avoid wearing fitted clothes to prevent the chances of your piercing getting stuck or pulled out.


Getting a belly button piercing for the first time is one of the most fun experiences you will encounter.

To maintain that and not regret it, it is best to avoid swimming with a belly button piercing on.