What is the Meaning of a Spartan Tattoo? With 50 Designs

A tattoo is considered the best way to show your opinions, beliefs, and thought processes. People also get them to remind themselves of something important. Tattoos are also best to get the motivation to follow your goals and get the energy to work hard to have a better life. But besides beautiful designs and symbolism, tattoos hold immense historical significance.

For men, a Spartan tattoo is one of the main choices when it comes to the tattoo design. Many love the shape and design of these tattoos, while others go for them due to their powerful meaning. But unlike historical examples of this tattoo, people nowadays don’t get the entire Spartan tattoo on their bodies. Rather, they choose important parts of the Spartan according to their reasons for choosing Spartan as a tattoo. You’re probably wondering why anyone would opt for a Spartan warrior tattoo? Read the article further to understand why people are getting this classic tattoo design.

What is a Spartan Warrior?

Spartan warriors were the most feared and best soldiers of Greece in the 5th century BC. They were known for their professionalism, commitment, and strength. Spartan warriors had helped their land to prosper, which helped Greece become one of the strongest nations at the time.

The word “Spartan” means simple, austere, self-restrained, and frugal. These were some of the qualities of Greek soldiers, which explains why they were called Spartans. Spartan warriors devote their lives to serve military purposes. These men were trained to be loyal to their people and nation. From a young age, they were taught that their objective of becoming a Spartan warrior comes before anything else, even their family.

What does a Spartan Warrior Tattoo Represent?

Spartan tattoos are among the most common tattoos and a favorite among men. This tattoo is a great way to show your confidence and belief in yourself and your powers. Here, we have mentioned several meanings associated with Spartan tattoos.

Power and Authority

There is no doubt that Spartan warrior tattoos represent power and authority. These mask-wearing soldiers were the most powerful people ever to fight in the battle and pick up the sword. Spartan tattoos are great to remind yourself of how powerful you are. During troubled times, looking at your tattoo will give your mind a boost of clarity, encouraging you to face the problems and crises in your life. As it is a symbol of authority, this tattoo will also help you make your own decisions.


Sparta’s code of honor is another meaning of this tattoo. During the older times, the Spartan army was obliged to follow those laconic standards of honor. The head of soldiers wouldn’t tolerate rage-filled or reckless behavior that can put others in danger. This is why, Spartan soldiers were calm, determinant, and soft. Despite their power and strength, they felt honored to help people when not on duty.

These qualities inspire people in our societies today, pushing them to show the same resilience and strength. A Spartan tattoo can be the best way to develop these qualities in oneself.


Spartan tattoo is the symbol of bravery and courage. It shows that the individual wearing a tattoo can do anything to support what’s right. This tattoo represents that you’re looking for victory and put all your effort into achieving your sense of purpose.

Besides that, a Spartan warrior tattoo is the best reminder to be brave in difficult times. It can give you the strength to face trials and tribulations of life. As this tattoo symbolizes the brave Spartans who fought for their country, were injured, or died, it is a great reminder to stay focused on your target and avoid other distractions in your life.


Discipline is perhaps the most crucial trait for any soldier. Discipline in life and work can help you achieve a feeling of purpose in your life. Spartan warrior tattoo represents discipline because of the way Spartans spend their lives and serve their country. Soldiers with a lack of discipline can cause trouble for themselves and put others in danger. This applies to just about any domain of life, and not just the military. A lack of discipline indicates little commitment to duty or responsibility. Such people fail to successfully complete tasks in life – from the simplest of chores to bigger, life-changing decisions.

A Spartan tattoo is a good reminder to stay disciplined in all aspects of life. It helps you stay organized and follow definite rules when working on a task. Having discipline in your life can help you fulfill your responsibilities.


Of course, a Spartan warrior tattoo symbolizes a protector. It is not uncommon for some women and men to see themselves as protectors of their family, country, and community. They opt for the Spartan tattoo to remind themselves of their responsibilities and roles.

As a protector, you need motivation, support, and a bit of a push to protect others. A Spartan tattoo can offer you all the things that you need the most. Whether you need mental or physical strength to play your role as protector, a Spartan tattoo can help you gather strength and offer your services to others.

What does the Spartan Shield Represent?

Spartan Warrior tattoos have different parts that offer you unique meaning. Many people choose the shield instead of the entire Spartan warrior tattoo to show their certain beliefs and opinions. A standard shield itself has several meanings. It represents courage and protection, which encourage people to get a shield tattoo on their body as a way to show their belief in protecting their family and friends.

When it comes to a Spartan shield tattoo, it depicts a more intense and powerful meaning than a typical shield tattoo. The Spartan shield was considered as part of the Spartan warrior body. Some people believe that their mothers and wives told Spartans to either come back on it or come back with their shield. In fact, soldiers had to go through severe punishments if they lost their shields in the battle.

Spartan shield tattoo symbolizes the honor of the Spartans. It also represents their responsibilities towards the other soldiers, as the shield was designed for the benefit of everyone. Not to mention, it was a crucial part of winning battles against enemies. Loss of one’s shield was thought to be the loss of their designation and respect.

What does The Spartan Helmet Represent?

The Spartan helmet tattoo is one of the most common tattoos. It’s likely that you’ve seen it on people’s backs, chests, and arms. People usually opt for black and white Spartan helmet tattoos, but others prefer a bit of color in their tattoos.

The Spartan helmet tattoo simply means that the owner will get help in any difficult situation. This tattoo is the symbol of toughness and grit. As this Spartan tattoo symbolizes their armor, it depicts determination and hard work. Generally, Spartan helmet tattoos were made with the grizzled warrior, but you can also go for a simple helmet.

The Spartan helmet also symbolizes their courage to fearlessly walk into battle. As a person who gets the tattoo, you’ll show that you can fight for yourself and the ones you love when something bad happens. You can also get this tattoo to help yourself gather courage and bravery when you have to make a challenging life decision. It gives you the power to do things and stand firm in your decisions.

Bottom Line

Whether you choose to get a tattoo of a complete Spartan warrior or simply opt for a helmet and shield, they represent excellent qualities of the Spartans. Yes, it’s hard to develop the courage, power, and confidence as the Spartans had. But at the very least, you can try to follow their lead to gain strength and confidence to spend a life full of honor, respect, and discipline.

The best part is that you can get a Spartan tattoo on any part of your body. On top of that, you can also choose whatever size you want. However, the most appealing and fascinating are ones that are bigger in size.

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