What does a Stingray Tattoo mean?

Stingrays are a group of sea rays, they are cartilaginous and are like sharks. The stingrays are beautifully shaped creatures. Their body is almost like a butterfly and looks nice when carved as a tattoo on any part of the body. Tattoos are marked figures, designs or words written on any part of the skin and are intentionally fixed or placed, they come in different designs and styles and each, like the stingray, has its peculiar meaning.

What is the meaning of a Stingray Tattoo?

The most important significance of a stingray tattoo is protection. It stands for and symbolizes protection and defence.

The bard of the stingray is effective in crippling creatures of any size and shape.

Adaptation is another meaning of the stingray tattoo. The stingray is an animal that adapts easily to its environment. It takes notes of its immediate environment, is swift in catching food for itself and in avoiding dangers. The stingray tattoo on your body, therefore, signifies your ability to adapt easily to changes, environment and conditions.

Stingray tattoos, apart from their significance, are elegant on the skin, fluid and will look good on any part of the body. A lot of people use the design because of its meaning, interesting look and uniqueness.

What is the difference between a Manta ray and a Stingray?

First, a manta ray is a type of stingray except that a manta ray, through evolutionary history, has lost their stingers and has developed other unique attributes like the specialized flaps on the front of their face that helps them filter.

Manta rays and stingrays both have a flattened body shape and wide pectoral fins fused to their head. The most poignant difference between a manta ray and a stingray is that manta rays don’t have a tail “stinger” or barb-like stingrays.  Although there are other differences like the fact that stingrays can only be found on the ocean bottom, manta rays can be found in the open ocean. Another difference is that a stingray’s mouth can be found on the underside of its body while the manta ray’s mouth can be seen along the front edge of its body.

These differences are always clearly depicted in the tattoo designs as both signify different meanings.

Is it disrespectful to get a manta ray or stingray tattoo?

Getting a manta ray or stingray tattoo is not disrespectful. Since the natives, the. Japanese are not against other people getting it. It also does not symbolize religion. The most important thing is that you copy the tradition respectfully, know everything you need to before sketching the tattoo on your skin, follow the process religiously and consider it a way of honor and not jeer of the native owners. 

Stingray Tattoo Designs