What Are the Pros and Cons of Thigh Tattoos?

Tattoos are a personal choice.  People get tattoos for any number of reasons.  Many people view tattoos as artwork and feel that they are a way to beautify the body.  Some people use tattoos as a way of expressing themselves or honoring a person or memory they hold dear.  

Scars, birthmarks, and other permanent body markings may also be covered up or even accented by this ink display. Tattoos also unite people, and some tattoos allow the individual to feel like they are part of a larger group.  It is also very common for someone to get a tattoo simply because they like the way it looks.  No matter the reasons behind your tattoo, it is a respectable choice.    

One of the incredible things about tattoos is that they can be done on any part of the body.  People may choose to put ink on their arms, chests, backs, legs, faces, or even their toes. 

Before getting a tattoo, many first decide what design they want to display.  However, some people start with what part of the body they want to get the tattoo on.  Whichever you decide on first, where it’s going and what it’s going to be are decisions you’ll have to make.  An interesting and exciting place many people choose to get a tattoo is on the thigh. 

Just like any decision in life, there are pros and cons to getting a thigh tattoo. 

The Pros      

Thigh tattoos are desirable because they can be done in any size, shape, and color.  Many places on the body do not leave as much room for creativity.  You can not put a large picture of a tiger or your grandmother on your index finger.  However, with a thigh tattoo, there is less restriction on the size of your tattoo.  Because there is room for more detail, you can be as creative as you like. 

There is also freedom in the shape of a tattoo that you would get on your thigh.  The thigh has enough surface area to support any variety of shapes you can imagine.  Being able to choose a larger design also gives you more room to play around with color. 

Another reason many people prefer tattoos on their thighs is that they can be covered up easily.  When choosing to get a tattoo, you are making a commitment to display the artwork of your choice on your body.  This is a huge part of the reason many people get tattoos, so they can see them, and others can as well.  However, some people like a little freedom here. 

There are times that you may not want to show your tattoo.  Some people prefer to keep their personal body art private at times.  Thigh tattoos are in a more intimate location than a wrist, neck, or calf tattoo.  Thigh tattoos can be easily hidden under a pair of pants, dresses, or shorts in the right length.  They allow you to choose who sees this artwork on your body, who does not, and when and where that happens. 

Thigh tattoos are very fun to design because of the different placement options there are.  Designs on the thigh can go from above the hip bone to the middle of the outer thigh or be just on either the outer or inner thigh.  Some people get tattoos on just the lower part of their thigh, or on the front or back of their thigh. 

Having so many different options for placement allows for a lot of creativity in designing or choosing the tattoo.  It is easy to choose something unique when there are so many ways it can be placed. 

Another plus about choosing the thigh for your new tattoo is the pain level, or lack thereof when getting the ink done.  The thigh naturally has more fat and fewer nerve endings than other parts of the body. Both the front and the outside of the thigh provide a good area for a tattoo where the pain will not be as bad as in other areas of the leg. 

Some people say that tattoos on the back of the thigh hurt very little as well. This could be because the back of the thigh is very fleshy, and the skin is tougher or because the person can’t see the tattoo going on. Not actually seeing the artist do the tattoo is a plus for some people when it comes to comfort. 

The Cons

As you know, many people report the low level of pain associated with getting a tattoo on the thigh as a pro.  However, there are people that say the level of pain during the tattoo is high.  This varies from person to person.  A lot of people enjoy the feeling of getting tatted, while others dread the pain. 

The inner thigh is said to be one of the more painful places to get a tattoo.  Inside the thigh, there are more nerve roots and some cartilage, which will make getting the area tattooed more painful.  Some people also report a higher amount of pain when getting tattooed around the hip bone itself. 

Some people are concerned with how a tattoo will age with you on a location like a thigh.  The thigh has a big muscle.  If muscle mass increases a lot in your thigh, there may be some stretching of the tattoo.  However, moderate muscle growth shouldn’t have any negative effect on your art. 

What should I wear to get a thigh tattoo?

Before going to get any tattoo done, you should think through what you will wear for the appointment.  If this is your first tattoo, you will likely be nervous and/or excited as the appointment nears.  The more details you have figured out beforehand, the better.

When deciding what to wear to the tattoo shop, consider three things:

  • The part of your body you are going to get inked
  • the weather outside
  • your personal comfort level and preference

For a thigh tattoo, you’ll want to avoid wearing anything clingy or tight on your legs.  You don’t want to have anything on that is snug or difficult to pull up and down.  If you’re getting ink on your thigh, it is smart to avoid wearing jeans or leggings to the appointment.  You may also want to avoid wearing any fancy underwear or favorite clothing that you would be upset if it got stained. 

There is a chance ink can get on your clothing when taking it on and off.  If you do get ink on your clothes during a tattoo, or afterward, it will not wash out of the fabric. 

Some good things to wear are anything that is easy to put on and take off.  Bathing suit bottoms are a great idea for getting a tattoo done on the leg or back.    Baggy sweatpants can also be worn if the weather permits.  Sweatpants are good because the fabric won’t cling to the fresh tattoo.  

Be careful here, though, yoga pants or other fitness bottoms are probably not a wise choice.  Other good wardrobe choices for a thigh tattoo maybe a skirt or shorts.  The length doesn’t matter as much as if they are loose and flowy.