Top or Bottom Belly Button Piercings – Which is better

Both top and bottom belly button piercings look amazingly cool, and effortless, but these are one of the most slow healing and painful piercings you can get. Belly piercings are a common fashion statement, especially with the different types of jewelry options available. Whenever a person decides to get a belly button piercing, a common question on their mind is whether they should get a top of bottom belly piercing.

There are a certain factors you have to consider when making this decision. There is a lot that comes with belly piercings, and you have to make sure you are well informed before the final decision is made. After reading this article, you should be able to confidently decide whether you should go with a top or bottom belly button piercing!

What Determines If You Should Get The Top Or Bottom Done?

Anyone can get a belly piercing, but when it comes to choosing whether you should get the piercing on top or below then might have to take a few things in consideration before making this decision. There are different types of belly piercings, and each gives out a unique fashionable look. One of the main things that determine whether you should get a belly piercing on top or at the bottom is the amount of skin flap you have.

If you plan on getting a belly piercing on the top, then its best to go through it inlay if you have good flap of skin on the top area of your belly button. This is important as it becomes easier for the piercing artists to pierce the area with the appropriate tools, and also makes the healing process easier. The healing process of a belly button piercing can be very slow, and it’s important to make sure you follow all the proper aftercare steps so it heals quickly and correctly.

Another thing to consider when choosing to get a belly piercing on the top is to see how much room is there behind and below the flap so that the area doesn’t get infected or irritated during the healing process because chances of irritation are very high.

When it comes to deciding to get the bottom part of your belly button pierced you have to see how much skin flap you have at the top. People only consider getting a belly button piercing at the bottom when there is not enough solid skin flap on the top. You could also opt for the lower lip of your belly button if this does happen to be the case.

Having solid skin on the top or bottom of your belly button is the main determiner of weather you should get the piercing on top or below. If you are still uncertain to tell the perfect place for yoru piercing, talk to a professional belly piercer or someone who may have already got one. They can guide you and help you choose the right place.

Do I Have The Right Belly Button For A Piercing?

There is no such thing as having the right belly button to get a piercing in that area. Anyone can get a belly button piercing as they wish; hence there is no specific type of belly button you need to have. There are a few things you have to consider when getting the piercing such as the amount of skin you have on the belly button area. You need to have enough skin for the belly button piercing to sit, and for the piercing to carry out the piercing process.

It is best to make sure that you have stronger muscles in yoru belly button area and it’s not too loose, as the tighter the ad stringer the muscle son yoru abdomen area are, the less likely you are to face any complications. Some people find that having too strong a core can cause the belly button to rip as the piercing is unable to sit properly this way; however this depends from person to person. You have to make sure your skin isn’t too tight or too loose, but string enough to take in a belly button piercing ensuring proper healing.

Sometimes in all the excitement of getting a belly piercing at times you can get distracted by checking off the things you must take into consideration. This is one of the reasons why you should make sure you go through a professionally trained piercing artist. Incase if your belly button isn’t staring enough to take in a piercing the piercing professional will be able to indicate that. They will also guide eyou on which place is the best to get the piercing; top or bottom. You also avoid the chances of an injury or poor healing process.

Possible Side-Effects of Choosing the Wrong the Area to Pierce?

Since you have the choice to pierce your belly at the top r bottom, you have to make sure you choose the correct one by seeing where there is enough skin to hold the piercing and ensure a proper healing process. Failure to do this and choose the wrong area could result in many side-effects that may make you regret getting a belly button piercing in the first place. Mentioned below are the possible side effects:

Infected Belly Piercing

You are a high risk of an infected belly piercing which leads to swelling, redness and excessive pain. This could get worse if you don’t pay much attention to the aftercare instructions given to you by your piercing artist.


You may experience rashes on the site of yoru belly button piercing if it’s placed incorrectly, or if there is not enough skin supporting the piercing area. Rashes usually occur when irritation starts, also could be linked to the material of the jewelry. Hence you must make sure you choose good quality jewelry for yoru piercing and something that you’re not allergic to.

Piercing Discharge

White fluid discharge is part of the healing process, and a normal reaction after getting a belly piercing. However; the color of the discharge tends to change to yellow when something is wrong. The discharge is an indicator that you may need professional help, or get your piercing removed. The discharge could also get a bit annoying cleaning up every time, and the last thing you want to do is keep touching the piercing site.

The Takeaway

Hopefully with the help of this article you will be able to make the decision on getting your belly piercing at the top or bottom. It is very important to keep certain things in mind when making this decision. Your belly button is one of the most sensitive areas of your body; hence when you choose to get a piercing there you have to be even more careful and fully informed as to what you’re getting into.