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Barbed wire was invented to help keep animals out of areas. However, it is also used to keep humans out as well. This design was created in 1867. It has since been associated with those in prison and those in the war. The most seen barbed wire tattoo on war veterans from World War I.

Pamela Anderson was a lead role in the movie Barb Wire. For this movie, she needed a barbed wire tattooed on her arm. She would be able to have the makeup artist draw it on. However, she was showing dedication to the movie and had a permanent tattoo on her arm.

Once people had seen what she had done, more people began to get the tattoo. In her words, โ€œthe barbed wire tattoo looks pretty feminine for barbed wire.โ€ However, she realized that in 2014 it was fading quickly. She has since decided to get the tattoo laser removed. This is an expensive and lengthy process.

Before Pamela Anderson had tattooed this on her body, it was used for those who were incarcerated or war heroes from World War I.

What Does the Barbed Wire Tattoo Symbolize?

Barbed wire tattoos have many meanings. The most common meaning is associated with those who have served time in prison. It was once the symbol of incarceration.

The barbed wire tattoo is believed to be of Italian origin. The Italians would get these tattoos to symbolize when they were behind bars. However, today people wear barbed wire tattoos all over. This includes inmates.

Those who have the barbed wire tattoo for incarceration may have different versions. Each spike on the barb will indicate a certain number of years spent incarcerated.

Another meaning that is associated with barbed wire is the Crown of Thorns. This is the crown that Jesus had worn when he was crucified. A barbed wire tattoo is also believed to represent faith, hope, Christianity, and even Jesus. However, people will get the crown tattooed instead of plain barbed wire in most cases.

Common Areas Where Barbed Wire Tattoos are Placed on the Body

The barbed wire tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on your body. However, there are some areas where it is more commonly worn than other areas. The common areas are on the arm or wrist. Another area that barbed wire can be found is within other tattoos. Barbed wire can be added to tattoos to add flair or a different design.
Are Barbed Wire Tattoos Still Popular?

Barbed wire tattoos are still very popular today. That is because it has so many meanings. Some people see that the tattoo protects and provides strength and power. However, most people who get these tattoos used to be inmates. This means that it could be portrayed as something else.

Those who get the barbed wire tattoo today get it to symbolize strength, struggle, victory, bravery, and more. These tattoos have valid meaning other than being incarcerated.

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