The Benefits of Putting CBD Oil On a Tattoo

If you’ve gotten tattoos before, you’ll know it’s crucial to keep your skin moisturized with the right products to help with the swelling and inflammation we all experience after a brand new tattoo. We’re used to taking care of our tattoos by washing them with soap and water and applying balms to ease the pain of the sensitive area. Recently, we have broadened our knowledge around the many benefits that CBD and hemp-derived products provide for our bodies and our skin. If you want to acquire more about the benefits of CBD and how it will aid in healing your new tattoo, stick around!

CBD works as an analgesic, an anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant that aids in tattoo healing and speeds up the overall healing process. Using CBD also helps you mentally as it helps reduce stress by relieving the pain associated with getting a tattoo.

When getting a tattoo, the skin experiences trauma as the tissues undergo injuries, leaving the skin sore and inflamed. And, while we usually take anti-inflammatory meds and ointments, research has helped us find that CBD is a great drug-free substitute for those who don’t want to take drugs and prefer taking the more natural route.

What Does CBD Do To Your Tattoo?

For those unfamiliar with CBD oil, it is an oil derived from both hemp and marijuana plants. While many associate CBD with THC, a similar compound found in these plants, CBD does not contain any THC that can cause the “high” sensation you experience with THC. CBD as its cannabidiol does not cause any psychoactive effects. 

You can apply this on your tattoo without the worry of feeling intoxicated, as this only relieves the pain and discomfort of the tattoo.

According to research, getting a blank ink tattoo can trigger free radical production that can cause serious health issues, and here’s where CBD comes in to help. The antioxidants found in CBD help fight against the free radicals in our bodies.

The anti-inflammatory components in CBD help reduce the inflammation caused by the tattoo. It interacts with the pain receptors in our brains, which allows our minds to feel relief from the pain we experience on our tattoos.

Another great thing about CBD is that it helps delay cell damages which helps alleviate the distress that our bodies go through when getting a tattoo.

Does It Help With The Pain?

The cannabidiol, flavonoids, and terpenes found in the CBD products impact the nerves that send pain signals to our brains, reducing their activity and the chances of infection and inflammation caused by constant nerve and skin damage that happens during tattoos.

CBD has helped many shorten the healing process and prevent many infections caused by poor tattoo aftercare. CBD is known to cause a more pleasant experience, helping your anxiety levels decrease so you can feel more relaxed throughout the process.

The great thing about using CBD as an alternative is that it is a natural and safe way to keep your jitters away to make the tattoo process more pleasant. You don’t have to worry about the nasty side effects that painkillers come with, and they provide similar sedatives and pain-relieving effects as Aspirin and Ibuprofen do.

Just as you apply your moisturizer once the tattoos are healing, you apply the same methods when using CBD oil or CBD-infused moisturizers. It will help the tattoo prevent scabbing and decrease the itchiness that you experience when the tattoo is healing.

Remember not to overdo it when applying the CBD onto your tattoo since it’s a fresh wound; you want to avoid putting anything on the first three days. Once the area’s ready to add moisturizer, you want to apply the CBD oil at least twice a day after rinsing it with mild soap and warm water and drying the tattoo with a paper towel.

Can You Apply It Before You Get a Tattoo To Help With Pain?

CBD can be used for both aftercare and before you even begin the process of getting a tattoo. Our senses tend to be more on high alert, and our brain makes us more susceptible to the pain we feel when we feel the needle press on our skin. Taking CBD before your tattoo appointment, usually thirty minutes before will help relax your mind and put your body at ease, so you’re not as tense if you’re feeling anxious.

Applying CBD will help change how your body perceives the pain you will endure when getting a tattoo. CBD is beneficial for everyone as we tend to get a bit uptight and anxious knowing the pain from the needle, especially for those who are getting the tattoo in sensitive areas such as the ribcage, ankles, and neck.

When our bodies are under such high amounts of stress, we’re prone to feeling more pain since stress increases our body’s sensitivity to painful stimuli. Allowing your body and your mind to be more relaxed under the effects of CBD will allow you to enjoy the tattoo experience more. It will let your artist properly do the tattoo on your body without worrying about you jumping when the needle touches your skin.

Although CBD is safe and natural to take, a few individual’s bodies are more sensitive than others. Before applying or taking CBD, make sure you do your research to determine if this is right for you. Some individuals who have taken CBD have stated that they were more aware of the pain rather than feeling relief. 

That said, the best thing to do is to try the CBD products at least a few days to a week before the actual appointment so you can see the way your body reacts to its effects, rather than waiting for the last minute. If you have concerns, definitely reach out to your artist for some pointers and see if they recommend CBD before getting the tattoo. 

It’s also good to consult with them since most artists have suggestions or specific ways of preparing their clients for their sessions. Now that you learned all the incredible benefits of using CBD for your tattoo experience, it’s time for your next tattoo!

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