How Much Do Nose Piercings Cost & What Impacts The Cost?

Nose piercings are a beautiful way to change your look, and they definitely give you the best-accessorized look with all your outfits. Whether you choose to get a nose stud or a septum piercing, you will find a wide range of jewelry options available to choose from.

Nose piercings have gotten a lot of attention in recent years due to the different types of jewelry you get pierced on your nose. However, nose piercings still is a difficult choice for many. Even today, many people refrain from getting a nose piercing due to the cost and other drawbacks associated with it.

The price of a nose piecing depends on many other factors; you can easily get a piercing within your range. However, when considering your range, you must not opt for too low a price as there are many drawbacks linked with low-cost nose piercings.

If you want to go through a smooth nose piercing process and get one at a reasonable price, you must go through this article. It will guide you on everything you need to know about your first nose piercing and make it a fun experience rather than a daunting one.

What Factors Can Influence the Cost?

If you’re wondering the reason behind the high prices of nose piercings, then you must go through these factors mentioned below that influence the total cost of nose piercings:

1.      The Type of Nose Piercing

Your nose gives you an ample amount of space to get different piercings in various areas. While these might sound painful, they’re also quite cool, and the cost of your piercing highly depends on these types.

There are six different types of nose piercings; nostril piercing, surface, bridge, septum, and septril. Some of these types are a bit more complexed compared to the traditional nostril piercing and require a more careful applying method. Hence the price may get a bit higher.

You will definitely find the cost of nostril piercings cheaper than the other types, but these prices differ in different parts of the world as there is no standard rate.

If you’re considering getting your septum or the bridge pierced, then you must prepare yourself for some extra expenses. A nostril piercing costs around $25-$65, while other nose piercings range from $40-$90.

2.      The Place You Get Your Nose Piercing From

The place from where you get your nose piercing done also makes a big difference in the cost as different nose piercing parlors around the world charge differently. If you want to seek professional treatment and get your nose pierced in the right and sanitized way, then you may go to a professional and well-trained nose piercing parlor.

Professional nose piercing parlors often cost more than other local piercers as they use sanitized equipment and sterilized needles to prevent any kinds of infections and further complications.

A professional piercing studio will also provide you with the best-skilled piercers that you won’t find in local small sole owner ear piercing studios. Professional piercing parlors usually have a good welcoming environment that also puts you in a lot of ease a few seconds before your piercing.

This all adds to the high cost. When selecting a piercing parlor, you must look for more than one and shortlist the best one that ticks all the required types of equipment and protocols. Professional nose pierces usually charge a higher price, but they also ensure you a safe and healthy nose piercing process.

It is better than going to an unskilled piercer because you would not want to pay a lower price and then face the cost of any health complications due to poor sanitization or wrong placement.

3.      Jewelry Material

The material of your jewelry piece is another important factor that adds to the cost. If you want to go for jewelry that won’t cause allergic reactions, then you must go for stainless steel made from implant grade.

Implant grade is material that people consider safe for the human body. However, stainless steel has different grades, and not all of them are safe for the skin. Stainless steel is usually more expensive than cheap steel and other materials.

Cheap stainless steel contains a higher percentage of Nickel, which is the top-most reason for skin allergies. These types of jewelry are usually much cheaper, but if you’re prone to skin allergies, then you must, at all costs, avoid this material.

The best types of safe jewelry to use for your nose piercings are rose gold, genuine diamond, solid platinum, and implant grade stainless steels. All of these materials range from $3-$70, also depending on the design of your jewelry.

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Though sterling silver jewelry is inexpensive, it typically causes allergic reactions when worn for long periods of time.

4.      Nose Piercing Package

Depending on where you go for your nose piercing, you will come across different nose piercing packages that also make a big difference in the price. Every nose piercing package includes basic default jewelry.

If you want to make changes to your jewelry, you may have to pay $50 extra. Professionals recommend sticking with default jewelry on your first try, and after it’s healed, you can always change the jewelry.

If you go to a professional and exquisite nose piercing parlor, your nose piercing package may include some aftercare products as a starter kit. This is quite important, especially if it’s your first time getting a nose piercing. These aftercare services cost around $20-$60. Parlors that don’t offer these services may recommend you a few products that you can get from the drug store.

You may also have to add another 10%-15% tip to the piercer, which comes under your additional cost. Before you book your appointment or start off with the piercing, you must be aware of all the costs before receiving a sudden big bill that you’re not prepared for.

5.      Location of the Studio

Often times, the location of the tattoo parlor will impact the pricing of their services. If you are looking at having your piercing done at tattoo parlors which are located in high touristy areas or in downtown areas of a major city, you can expect to pay more for the work. The overheard, primarily rent, for these locations are high. Therefore, they have to pass the cost onto to their customers. 

What Additional or Hidden Costs are there?

There are a few additional costs involved when you go for a nose piercing. However, these costs vary depending on the type of piercing parlor you’re going to.


You must consider the gratuity cost when calculating all the costs involved in your nose piercing. The standard tip percentage you have to give is around 5%-15%. The gratuity amount is an important additional cost as this is a way of showing appreciation to the piercer for carrying out a safe and smooth piercing process. Piercing involves skills and is not something everyone can do easily. Hence, you wouldn’t mind paying this amount.

Customized Jewelry

Most piercing parlors offer you a piece of default jewelry that comes with the piercing package. However, if you want to change the jewelry or make additions to it by adding color or more stones, you will have to pay extra costs. The costs for this amount up to $50, but again this cost depends on how many changes you’re making and the type of jewelry as well.

You can easily avoid this additional cost by sticking to the default one, and it is always recommended whenever you’re getting a nose piercing for the first time.

After-Care Services

Some piercing parlors, especially professional ones, may offer you aftercare services in your nose piercing package. These aftercare services involve a few instructions and a product that you must use to fasten up the healing process and to prevent any infections. These services cost around $12-$15 or more.

You may not necessarily have to acquire these services, but it’s always recommended, especially if it’s your first time. Aftercare services make your piercing experience more worth it and don’t make you feel like you wasted money. You can always buy the products on your own from a drug store. However, these may be more expensive than the ones that come in the aftercare package.

Jewelry Costs

If you plan to change your jewelry, you’ll obviously have to take care of those additional costs. The cost also depends on the type of new jewelry you’re going for. Platinum and diamond cost around $60-$72, and implant grade stainless steel around $3.50.

You also have to consider the design. If you’re getting a nose piercing with exquisite gems and stones, you will have to bear a slightly higher additional cost.

You can always avoid these costs by sticking to a simpler look, but there is no harm in going all out if you have the finances for it. You won’t regret getting a nose piercing as the more unique your piercing, the more graceful and stylish it will make you look.

Are You Allowed to Bring Your Own Jewelry Or Do You Have to Buy from the Piercer?

Bringing your own jewelry to the piercing studio depends on the type of studio you’re going to. Some piercing parlors allow their customers to bring their own jewelry, but this only happens at low-end piercers who don’t own very big studios.

Professional piercing studios don’t usually allow their clients to bring their own jewelry as they have to follow strict sterilization conduct. When you bring your own jewelry, the piercer is unaware if it’s properly sterilized. To avoid any bad reviews or uncertainties that could take place, they don’t allow the use of outside jewelry.

It is best always to use the jewelry provided by the piercing parlor, as this keeps you away from catching any skin allergies or infections. If you liked a certain jewelry piece, you could always ask the piercer to make an addition to the jewelry or get a customized one made from the parlor you have chosen.

It is always advised to ring up your nose piercing parlor and ask these questions before going in for your piercing appointment.

Price Differences between Stud and Ring

Stud and ring piercings cost almost the same, but the price can sometimes vary when it comes to the placements and type of jewelry material. When it comes to jewelry material, implant grade stainless steel is the best and is also the most expensive.

You can also go for rose gold or platinum that costs almost the same as implant grade stainless steel. So yes, the jewelry material might bring a major difference in the price.

Sometimes the placement of your piercing may also create a difference between a stud and ring. Ring piercings look best on the septum, nostril and both of the piercings cost around $20-$65, depending on your nose piercing parlor. Studs look perfect on the nostril, high nostril, and septril. These piercings cost around $25-$80.

There is not much of a price difference between a stud and a ring. Both of these piercings look amazing once gotten on the nose. Depending on any additional adjustments you make, it gradually gets a bit more expensive.

Where Can You Get a Nose Pierced?

When selecting a place to go for your nose piercing, you must consider all your options. Different piercing parlors offer nose piercing services. Most of these piercing parlors create a safe and professional environment, and you will usually find them in busy urban areas.

Some solely owned piercing stops might have a piercing stand and offer nose piercing service. You may also find these inside malls or outside large retail stores.

There are many jewelry stores (both local and international) that offer piercing services within their shops. If you want to experience all nose piercing services and treatment, then it’s best to go to a professional piercing parlor.

These parlors offer their own jewelry with some amazing discounts and, most importantly, follow strict sterilization protocols. This prevents you from catching any skin infections that are quite a risk in nose piercings that don’t go through a proper sterilization process.

Professional piercing studios often charge a little bit more than other small nose piercings stalls. You may avoid going to them because of the higher price. But if you really think about it, it’s good to pay a little more and go through a clean and smooth piercing process instead of going through a poor hygienic process.

In case of going to an inexpensive parlor, you might have to pay extra for the skin complications that could occur later. Professional piercing studios also have well-trained piercers; hence there are very few chances that you may experience any kind of nose injury or extraordinary pain.

Does the Method Use for the Piercing Impact the Price?

There is no such mention of the piercing method affecting the price of your nose piercing. There are two types of piercing methods used to carry out nose piercings. One method is known as the gun method, and the other the needle method. Both these methods are common, but only one of them is more advisable to get. Read further below to know the right method to use for your nose piercing.

Gunshot vs. Needle Method

The gunshot method involves making a hole with a stair-stepping effect, and the need method involves making a slight slit in the skin with hallow needles instead of it forcing through your nose. Gunshots are more intense and apply more pressure.

The most recommended piercing method is the needle method. A few reasons why people prefer the needle method is because it’s more accurate and less painful compared to gunshots. Needles are also much more cleaner and prevent you from getting any skin allergies. Mentioned below are the pros and cons of the needle and gunshot method.

Gunshot Method Pros and Cons



The gunshot method is easily available at small piercing outlets in the malls or at small piercing booths and is quite cheap. The gunshot method doesn’t require any unique skills compared to the needle method. Hence, it’s also quite affordable.

Less Time Taken

If you want to go through a short piercing process, the gunshot method is best as it barely takes any time. It’s just one push through the nose, and you’ve got the perfect hole to put your nose ring or stud in.


High Risk of Infection

There is a higher chance of the spread of bacteria and gunk when piercing for the first time with a gunshot. Piercing guns usually include blunt stunts that have butterfly-shaped backs. This space may include bacteria that will definitely infect and ruin your piercing. This gets worse if you use sterling steel jewelry.

A Messier Method

If the gunshot misses the aim, it leads to bleeding. This is something a blood phobic person would want to stay away from. The blood particles may get clogged in the gun and may still stay in even after using alcohol wipes as you cannot easily sterilize a piercing gun. Because of no sterilization, many issues could pop up. Even though the gun doesn’t come in direct contact with your skin, the piercer’s hands still come in contact with it and on your skin as well.


There’s a higher risk of swelling with the gunshot method. Once the jewelry enters your nose, there is no room for the piercing to breathe out as the gun method pushes the back part of the jewelry right in. Hence this is why swelling occurs and persists for some time. While swelling is part of your nose piercings healing process. Swelling caused by the gunshot method tends to become more intense and make you quite uncomfortable.

Tissue Trauma Risk

You may experience internal tissue trauma with a piercing gun as it holds blunt studs that deliberately force through the tissues and rip some of them off to make a place for the jewelry to settle in. Depending on the force, it could intently damage your nose tissue.

Piercing Needle Method Pros and Cons


Less Painful

For a less painful piercing experience, the needle method is the best. The hollow needle used is extremely sharp; hence it gently pierces through your skin without damaging any tissues. The process may sound a bit painful, but it’s really smooth and much faster.

Less Spread of Bacteria

As compared to the gunshot method, the needle method doesn’t allow the spread of bacteria as the needle has dirt-removing properties. The needles include a type of metal that prevents them from developing an allergic reaction.


Needle piercings are very clean as you can easily sterilize them in high-pressure steam, unlike piercing guns. Most of the needles are one-time use, so there is no risk of having someone else’s fluids come on your skin. These needles are instantly disregarded, and the piercer will use new ones for every client. The hemostats and jewelry also go through a proper sanitization process.


Using the needle method involves a certain amount of skills and training; hence you will only find trained piercers who can apply this method. This reduces your worry about the process going wrong or going through a very painful process.



Most professional piercing parlors use the needle method for nose piercing that you won’t find in malls or at stalls. These are proper parlors that give you the right service; hence they charge a bit more extra, and you will have to keep additional costs in mind, such as the tip.

Final Words

After reading this article, it’s time you start saving up for your nose piercing. You would not want to miss out on getting a nose piercing, especially if you want something to highlight your amazing facial features. Make sure to save up an ample amount so that you attain the best services.

Never settle for too cheap a nose piercing as there are many risks attached to low price services. It is better to be safe than sorry; hence it is okay to spend a bit more for a smooth and risk-free piercing experience.