How Can You Hide A Tattoo For A Wedding?

Wedding days can be one of the most stressful days of your life, especially when it comes to planning everything. There are many things you have to take care of and obviously you want to look your best.

Whether you’re a soon to be groom or bride reading this, you might want to hide a tattoo for your wedding day. You can easily hide your tattoo with a few easy tips and tricks.

There are many reasons why someone would want to hide a tattoo for a wedding. One of the biggest reasons could be for your photoshoot.

If you have a very big tattoo and you might not want it to come in all of your wedding pictures. Other people have religious and family concerns.

However, the point of getting a tattoo is to show it off and you must not worry about covering up.

To make your wedding day a magical one, mentioned below is everything you need to know about hiding tattoos.

What Are The Best Options?

As mentioned earlier, there are a few things you can do hide a tattoo for a wedding. Most of these are easy. Mentioned below are the best and easy options you have:

1.      Makeup

Makeup is one of the best tools that can help you cover up something on your skin, especially a tattoo. Of course, you have to make sure you choose the right shade and product that agrees with your skin to cover-up effectively.

Cosmetics help you attain a camouflaged look and will make it look like you never had a tattoo. There are a wide-range of products that come in a makeup kit.

From foundation and concealers, to color correctors you have them all. All of these work when you want something to magically disappear off your skin.

The best type of product to use would be a concealer from Dermablend, or any other you normally use. Concealers from good companies like Dermablend have long-lasting feature SPF protection and are waterproof.

They also include safe ingredients. You will have to use other products such as color corrector, baking powder (not the cooking one) and a little foundation. Following the previous steps helps you achieve a better camouflaged look.

How to Achieve the Perfect Camouflaged Look with Makeup on Tattoos

1.      Use the Correct Appliance

When applying a product like a concealer on your tattoo, you have to use a proper correcting brush or sponge. You can also use your fingers for the perfect blend.

2.      Use Setting Spray

You can’t miss out on setting spray, especially if you don’t want your cover-up makeup to fade away. It is especially important if you’re having an afternoon wedding. Setting sprays help keep the makeup intact and gives out a matte look.

3.      Get Help

Depending on where your tattoo is, you might need help. If it’s on a spot where you can’t reach then ask a friend or family member to help you apply.


This way you can ensure that you’re not missing out a spot and you’re tattoo-free for the time-being.

4.      Use the Right Brand

You must use makeup from a well-known brand so that you know you’re not using something that would harm your skin.

Makeup brands like Dermablend and more ensure the usage of safe ingredients that don’t harm the skin.

5.      Buy Makeup According to Your Skin Tone & Type

Everyone has different skin types and tones, and according to that, certain makeup products exist to give you mind-blowing results.

Hence, you must opt for a concealer and foundation that matches your skin tone, and blends with your skin type. You can find out the right skin type on the packaging of the makeup.

2.      Hire a Professional Make up Artist

Applying makeup isn’t that hard. But if you want the best results, especially when hiding a tattoo, then you must hire a professional make up artist. People usually get makeup artists for their wedding day glam look.

You can look for one that specializes in tattoo cover-ups ensuring a sleek camouflaged look. By doing so you won’t have to stress about having to cover up the tattoo on your own Or worry about it showing during the ceremony or photo shoots, especially if you’re wearing a very low back dress.

Professional makeup artists usually get their own make up products that they are comfortable using.

So this way you won’t have to worry about buying certain products. Artists also use safe and high-quality products when working on their clients.

3.      Photoshop Applications

If you don’t want to go through the process of covering up your tattoo, you can opt for Photoshop apps. In today’s world Photoshop apps such as Airbrush are very commonly.

So once you have all your wedding pictures in hand, you can Photoshop out the tattoos on a digital copy. Therefore, no matter how many tattoos you have, and even if it’s all over your body, you can easily remove them.

This option is ideal for you if you’re only worried about your tattoos showing in the pictures.

4.      Stick on Tattoo Covers

You can also opt for tattoo stick on covers that are thin matches, matching your skin tone. All you have to do is apply these on your tattoo.

These stick on’s are perfect for small to medium sized tattoos. So if you’re seeking to hide a large tattoo, this might not be the best solution for you.

If you’re covering multiple small tattoos, you can get cover-ups of different sizes and apply them appropriately.

5.      Add Additional Clothing to Your Attire

If you have tattoos all over your chest, back, or arm, then you can consider a few things. Try wearing a dress that has long sleeves, and doesn’t have a low back or neck.

If you still want to stick with a low neck dress then you can get a covering. A white scarf or short pull over will go great with the dress. This piece of clothing adds a nice look to your overall wedding attire as well.

You must discuss these options with your designer as they can give you better advice on covering up.

6.     Accessorize It Up!

Jewelry is the best way to cover up your tattoo, and also adds a stylish look to your overall attire. If you want to cover up a chest or neck tattoo you can wear nice heavy chain that covers up the neck, or something of a choker style.

If it comes to covering finger or wrist tattoos you can always wear gloves or go for rings and bangles that will match your dress. Adding these accessories will make dressing up for your big day even more fun and will surely make you look more stylish.

The Bottom Line

With the help of these cover up options you can now become a pro at the way you hide a tattoo for a wedding.

These options will ensure proper coverage, and allow you to enjoy your big day stress-free. This way you don’t have to ever worry about having too many tattoos as you have amazing solutions for covering them.