50 Frog Tattoo Designs You Should Consider

For centuries and across many different cultures, frogs have been used to symbolize numerous things from healing and prosperity, to wisdom and renewal. Frogs are adaptive creatures that go through significant transformation from their birth as a tadpole to their full-grown state as a frog.

Frogs are one of the few creatures on the earth that can live on land and water, make homes in temporary tide pools, and survive in varying temperatures. 

It’s no wonder that people from cultures all over the world have taken inspiration from this incredible amphibian for their tattoo designs. Humans take a lot of pride in the symbols they choose, and frogs carry so much positivity and meaning. Let’s take a look at some of the many different meanings of common frog tattoos.

What Does the Frog Represent and Symbolize?

The frog symbolizes a variety of things, and none of them are negative. From these dozens of meanings and symbols, some of the most popular are opportunity, peace, prosperity, success, fertility, protection, good luck, and transformation. Again, these positive symbols are due to the many obstacles that frogs overcome, and how they adapt and change to their environment.

They are peaceful creatures that become one with their environment and exude the positive characteristics they symbolize. You will find frogs represented in many cultures, all over the world, and therefore you will find people who use the frog as a symbol of something that is meaningful and important to them.

Are Frog Tattoos a Good Omen?

You may have heard in your childhood that touching a frog or a toad would give you warts on your hands. This is of course a myth, and in most cultures frogs are actually a sign of good luck. Many of the things that a frog symbolizes are seen as positive, such as prosperity, health, and potential.

Historically, humans have always placed a lot of importance on symbols. If you are someone who places a lot of stake in symbols as well, then where you see a frog hopping along you can choose to see it as a good omen, and good luck just may come your way.

Most Common Frog Tattoo & Their Meaning

The frog in general is a symbol for many good things, but some specific frog tattoos hold their own special meaning. Some cultures use frogs as a symbol of their most fierce and devoted warriors, while other people use it as a universal sign for kindness and peace. Below are a few of the most common or popular frog tattoos and the meanings associated with them.

Traditional Frog Tattoo

A traditional frog tattoo design is typically done in basic colors such as green, yellow and brown and is a cartoon version of a frog that is personified. That is, the frog is doing something a person would be doing such as walking, playing an instrument, or wearing glasses and reading a book.

In general, the traditional tattoo style typically includes designs that are symbolic in nature, like patriotic symbols or lucky charms. For that reason, it’s no surprise that it’s popular to see a frog tattoo in the traditional style. When you see a frog in this style, it typically represents good luck.

You may also see these traditional frog tattoo designs on the walls in tattoo studios as flash designs. A flash tattoo is a design that is already set and is up on the wall in the studio so that people can point to the tattoo they want.

Flash tattoos are typically popular styles or symbols. If you want something custom though, you’ll want to sit down with an artist ahead of time to make it your own.

Bone Frog Tattoo

A bone frog tattoo is common for US Navy Seals and is used as a symbol to honor a fallen Navy Seal. While you might see this tattoo on the average person, it’s not as common given the symbolism and common knowledge that it is a Navy Seal tradition. Seals are typically referred to as frogmen, which is a nod to their training on land and sea and the tight green suits they wear when they dive.

Seals will often get this tattoo to honor their fallen comrade, and the bone frog can also be found on patches of Seals who deploy, or as décor for Navy offices.

Frog on a Mushroom Tattoo

Another popular frog tattoo design you have probably seen is a cute little frog sitting on a mushroom. Mushrooms are a symbol of power, nature, purity, and new beginnings. Adding the frog to the tattoo by having it sit on a mushroom makes that power more positive and peaceful, being one with nature and open to renewal and rebirth in a figurative sense. The frog and the mushrooms are a classic duo, with many overlapping meanings and symbolism.

Japanese Toad Tattoos

A Japanese frog tattoo is typically seen as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and good luck. You may see the frog dressed as a traditional Japanese Samurai, wielding a sword and signifying power and success. You may also see the Japanese samurai frog with gold coins. This is a popular tattoo style choice and has been tattooed by artists all over the world.

Not all Japanese style frogs are dressed as Samurais though. Like the traditional frog, Japanese style frogs can also be personified in other ways, typically standing, holding leaves or cooking utensils, eating traditional Japanese cuisine, or holding coins.

Kermit the Frog Tattoo

Kermit the frog is a beloved character from the Muppet’s TV show and many people have expressed their love by getting a tattoo in his likeness. For these folks, their Kermit the frog tattoo represents positivity, humor, and kindness.

It seems that the character himself takes on many of the qualities that frogs are traditionally known to symbolize. He uses humor to support his friends and brings an overall positivity to the show. His character is popular in many facets of pop culture and it’s no surprise that his face has made it as a popular choice in the tattoo world.

Peace Frog Tattoo

A peace frog tattoo design is probably one that you have seen quite a lot. Think 70s, hippy frog tattooed in psychedelic colors throwing up a peace sign. It’s a symbol for exactly what you would think. This type of frog tattoo is a symbol for peace, love, and good vibes. This is a classic style, nearly as population as traditional frog tattoos or the frog sitting on the mushroom design.

Should I get a Frog Tattoo?

If you’re looking for a symbolic tattoo design that has universally been used to represent positivity, a frog is an awesome choice. There are so many different interpretations of what a tattoo of a frog can mean. It could represent transformation of the person or the person’s situation.

It could mean that someone has adapted and been resilient through some adversity. It could represent financial prosperity. It can also be interpreted as good fortune or a good omen for what is to come.

Lastly, it could represent just overall peace and harmony. No matter what you’re looking for, with so many options of style and meaning, a frog tattoo can be the perfect choice for your next visit to your favorite tattoo studio.  

Frog Tattoo Designs