37 Amazing Lower Leg Tattoo Designs for Females

Tattoos are marks, figures, designs or written words intentionally fixed or placed on the skin. Tattoos are either created indelibly or by inserting a pigment under the skin. They can also be created by temporarily applying them to the skin. They usually last a few days to several weeks on the skin before they fade off.

Lower leg tattoos are on the lower part of the leg, below the knees. They denote beauty and elegance and make the legs glamorous. The lower leg tattoo comes in various designs and colors. There is a bright floral design that can be placed on the calf. It is mostly in pink and purple colors.

The design is a fun, delicate and beautiful design that will suit everyone. There is also the one that is mystic in look and it features a moth, crescent moon and flowers. The crescent moon looks like it represents the goddess, this can be linked to the moon which has spiritual symbolism. The design can be tried on the shin or the thigh.

There are so many lower leg tattoo designs for women which will be discussed further in this article.

What are Lower Legs Tattoo called?

Lower leg tattoos are called a leg sleeve while an entire body covered in tattoos is called a bodysuit.

And sometimes it can be called a sock. Just as sleeves are worn on the arm and the arm tattoos are called sleeves, the lower leg tattoos are sometimes called socks. Lower leg tattoos come in different designs which may include; the beautiful mandala tattoo, tree of life design, pretty rose tattoo and a host of others.

How long does a lower leg tattoo sleeve take?

A lower leg sleeve occupies a massive area of the leg when designing the tattoo. This makes it take at least 30-40 hours in total to get it done. Still, if the design has to be well-detailed it may take longer hours. Tot too designing especially on the lower leg sleeve is an investment of time and money. The inking has to be broken up over various sessions, so it can be spaced out for it to heal. 

How much does a lower leg tattoo sleeve cost?

The lower leg tattoo can be classified under the large tattoos as they take a massive space of the legs and require a huge amount of time and money to design. Large tattoos cost around $500 and more. Although it is not easy to evaluate how much a sleeve tattoo is likely to cost because of several factors that should be put into place, which may affect the price. A good full sleeve tattoo will likely cost at least $1,500.

How bad do lower legs tattoos hurt?

Tattoos indeed hurt, and they hurt badly too but this may depend on the area of the body where the tattoo is being fixed.

For tattoos to hurt, it depends on many factors like a person’s pain tolerance level, the part of the body where the tattoo is fixed, the style and design of the tattoo, the colors of the tattoo as this requires different chemicals. The artist designing the tattoo may also affect how much pain you’ll feel. 

Some people do not believe that tattoos hurt as much as others think it does. A lot of people however think it is true — but that may not always be the case.

Some people can sit through an 8-hour tattoo session without flinching. And some people will pass out during a 15-minute simplistic script tattoo. The difference between one person to the other depends on the factors discussed above like styles that require bold lines and heavy colors that will cause more pain to the skin.

The discrepancy in pain level, however, may depend on the body part. A foot or rib tattoo always hurts more than getting your forearm or shoulder tattoo.

For some of the lower leg tattoo sleeves like the Knee Ditch/Knee, we can rate the pain to be a 10 out of 10. It is the most painful, especially in the knee ditch. This is because the sciatic nerve is one of the largest individual nerves in the body. And it runs straight down to the back of the leg, through the knee ditch.

Another part of the lower leg that is very painful is the feet, ankles or toes area. It can be rated 9/10 and is one of the most delicate areas to have tattooed. It is also hard to heal due to constant rubbing from socks and shoes. 

Lower Leg Tattoo Designs