Do You Have to Be Skinny To Get a Belly Button Piercing

Belly piercings have become very popular over recent years as more and more individuals are getting them done and showing them off. They are not only cute and flattering, but they often symbolize sexual attraction to those wearing them.

With so many designs and styles of belly rings to choose from, the possibilities are endless, as with the kind of belly piercing you get. Many individuals think that you have to have a thin, flat stomach to own a belly piercing.

The truth is, you don’t. It comes down to the anatomy of your navel area more than your overall body type. So that old myth that only skinny people can have belly piercings is not entirely true. Want to learn more? Stick around!

Individuals who have more fat around their navel area can still flaunt the belly piercing; it just isn’t recommended for healing issues. The navel area becomes covered up by your skin and fat when you sit down, and having more fat around the navel can suffocate the piercing, building up more sweat which can affect how your piercing heals and can build up bacteria.

Your physical weight has nothing to do with the possibility of getting your belly pierced. Find a professional piercer who can let you know if your anatomy allows for a successful piercing before going to any random shop and leaving with a negative experience.

If you’re a plus-size individual who is hesitant about whether or not it will work on your navel area, make sure you feel comfortable with your piercer and ask all the questions needed before getting the piercing done.

The piercers are there to answer any questions and relieve your mind of any doubts that you might have.

Should I lose weight before getting a belly button piercing?

Your weight isn’t going to be the issue on whether or not you can have your belly pierced; it’s whether or not your belly button shape allows you to have the piercing in the first place. And if you think that having a big belly will cause you more complications, that’s not entirely true.

While, yes, having a larger belly area runs the risk of the piercing not getting enough air around the newly pierced belly when you sit down, everyone can be prone to getting an infection if not properly cleaned.

Whether you’re a plus-sized individual or a slim body type, you have to maintain proper hygiene and follow the guidelines to allow the piercing to heal to avoid any infections down the line. It would help if you avoided any highly scented soaps and used non-antibacterial soap to wash the piercing.

You can also ask your professional piercer if they have any saline spray that makes the aftercare more convenient, or you can also make your saline solution at home using water and salt.

If you’re an individual who has an “outie” for a belly button, this can make it extremely difficult to pierce since it results from residual scarring from the umbilical cord of when you were an infant. Having a piercing done on a belly button that has the “outie” tissue can increase the risks of the piercing getting infected and becoming highly dangerous to the individual.

If you’re plus-sized or have more fat surrounding the navel area, you can always custom make certain belly jewelry pieces to have your desired look. Most of the time, the classic pieces don’t go with our anatomy, and this is a fun way to make the piercing that much more personal to you.

So, in the end, you don’t need to lose any weight to have your belly button pierced. You need to have the proper aftercare, ensure your piercing gets air, and maintain it dry and clean to avoid complications and infections. Make sure to avoid any chlorine-filled pools as this can dry and irritate your newly pierced belly button and can delay your healing time.

Do Belly Button Piercings Make You Look Skinnier?

Having a belly piercing draws the eyes of individuals in, concentrating on your piercing, so it makes the appearance that you have a slimmer tummy. So even if you don’t have a flat stomach, having your belly pierced gives the illusion that it’s slimmer since everyone tends to focus on the piercing rather than your gut; it’s basic science. 

Having your belly pierced also gives off a sensual appeal that attracts the eyes of many individuals. Belly piercings are a sign of sensuality and attraction, and let others know how confident you are in your skin by having this section of the body pierced.

It’s known to be an exotic piercing, and it’s a way to show off your individuality and express your style with them as well. Belly piercings give off an attractive and sexy appeal to anyone who lays their eyes on them.

 Is There a Higher Risk For Your Piercing To Reject If You Are Overweight?

Overweight individuals run the same risk as any other individual of your body rejecting the piercing. Being overweight, you will need to keep an eye on it more in the first couple of days since the surrounding fat around the area can make it hard for the piercing to get the air needed to heal properly.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a belly piercing like any other slimmer individual. We all are prone to complications if we don’t take the proper time and patience to care for our newly pierced belly ring. If you get a piercing done, and you automatically start hitting the gym, beach, and pools, then you’ll most likely result in the piercing becoming infected and getting rejected from your body. 

You also have to remember that whether or not the body rejects the piercing depends on how sensitive your body is and how it reacts to the new foreign object. Not every individual will have the piercing get rejected, but it does happen more than we think, so making sure you keep it dry and sterilized is key for optimal healing and a fast recovery process.

Body piercings are all about the chance of expressing yourself and your personality with confidence. Whether you’re skinny or overweight, you can rock a belly button piercing and own it! Don’t let anyone stop you from piercing if it’s something you desire and size does not matter, so go and get your belly pierced and show everyone your unique personality!