Do Tattoo Artists or Customers Ever Get Turned On?

A common question that I hear is whether or not tattoo artists or the person getting a tattoo ever get turned on during the session. The answer is yes! For both the tattoo artist and the customer. It’s actually not uncommon for it to happen. There are certain areas of the body that can lead to arousal during a session.  We’ll cover those details in the article below!

Tattoo Artists Getting Turned On

Based on my experience in getting tattoos and having multiple friends in the industry, it is more rare for the tattoo artist to get aroused during a session than it is for the customer. This is likely due to a number of reasons.

First off, your tattoo artist should be extremely focused on their job. It’s not uncommon for your artist to be “in the zone” and totally focused on the job at hand. When this happens, the artist is so focused on getting the job done and done correctly, that its very unlikely that they are going to get turned on during the session.

However, keep in mind, that if your artist were to get turned on during a session, it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t focused on their job. We are all human and we can’t always control when we get turned on. Obviously, this is much easier for women to hide than men!

The second reason it is more rare for an artist to get turned on than the customer comes down to experience. If you are getting work from an artist that has been in the industry for a while, it’s likely they’ve found themselves in all kinds of random and awkward situations.

Most artists have giving a tattoo on a breast or on a bum during their career. This is especially true today given the popularity of tattoos.

Due to these reasons, it is rather uncommon for a tattoo artist to get turned on but it still can happen. If you are getting a tattoo and your artist does seem to be “bothered,” don’t get offended.

It’s rather likely that a more private area of your body is being exposed or only partially covered. As long as the arousal doesn’t cross the line of being inappropriate then you should just ignore it and allow the artist to complete their work.

Do Customers Sleep with their Tattoo Artists?

Like any other industry or profession, there are times when one thing can lead to another. This is no different in the tattoo industry. Getting a tattoo from someone is an intimate experience. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never gotten a tattoo before.

During a session, you and your artist are close to one another and you may be getting artwork in an very intimate area. There are occasions when this professional relationship can become more.

In addition, there are times (though rare, I think!) that customers offer sex to get free or discounted tattoos. While not legal or something I encourage, it does happen.

Do Customers ever get turned on While Getting a Tattoo?

Customers are far more likely to get turned on during a tattoo session that an artist. The most likely cause for getting aroused during a session stems from where the tattoo is located. Everyone’s body is different, but there are certain areas that tattooing can cause a person to be “excited.”

The areas that cause arousal in men and women’s bodies really doesn’t vary that much between the two sexes. Though it does vary significantly from person to person.

Below are the most common areas that can cause a person to be turned on or aroused during a tattoo session:

  • Inner thighs – This one should come as no surprise. The inner thigh area is very sensitive for both men and women. Getting a tattoo anywhere in this region is very likely to turn someone on. Even if you aren’t getting a tattoo on your inner thigh, just having the artist close to this area of your body may trigger some arousal.
  • Inner arms – This area too is very sensitive on both men and women. Getting a tattoo, especially on the inner bicep could cause some excitement for some people. This is something to keep in mind if you are considering a sleeve tattoo.
  • Lower abs, Rib line, Chest – Men are typically more sensitive to tattoos along the lower abs than women. It’s possible getting a tattoo in this region would impact a male more than a woman. The chest area is likely to be more sensitive to a female than a male. Especially if the artist is having to rest their arm on or near a breast to complete some of the work.
  • Back of legs around the knee – This one is usually a surprise to people. The body is very sensitive to touch around the back of your knee. If your artist is having to rest their arm in this area a lot or reposition their arm, it could cause some arousal.
  • Feet or Wrists – I don’t hear about this one too often, but it is possible to get turned on when getting a foot or wrist inked. It’s just another one of the body’s sensitive areas that can cause the hormone levels to spike.

Don’t avoid getting a tattoo in one of these areas because you are worried about getting aroused during your session. As I mentioned earlier, your artist has likely sat thru hundreds of sessions. Even when they aren’t working, they are in the shop and present when other people are getting work done. Your tattoo artists has seen just about everything.

Another important thing to understand – if you do get turned on in a session, that does not mean you are attracted to your artist! It just means the area they are working on is creating some hormone spikes. Your arousal is more likely due to the vibration of the needle and the touch of the artist more than anything.

How do You Prevent Getting Aroused During a Tattoo?

There’s a few things you can do to prevent getting aroused during your session should it occur.

  • Take a break – It’s completely normal for customers to ask for a break (not necessarily for the reasons we are discussing here). Just ask your artist if you can take a quick break. Go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on your face or go outside and get some fresh air. This will give you hormones a few minutes to drop back down to their normal levels and allow you to calm your nerves a bit. One piece of advice – Don’t take too many breaks. Every time you take a break, the artist isn’t working on your piece. If you take too many breaks, your artist could have to ask you to come back for a follow up visit to finish your piece if they have an appointment booked immediately after yours.
  • Talk to the artist – Chat with your artist. Some artist don’t like a lot of talking so they can focus, so if they aren’t super chatty, don’t be offended. Talking with your artist and getting to know them will help take your mind off everything happening.
  • Drink some water – Always bring water with you to your session. This will help your body recover, but drinking cold water during arousal will also help you calm down a bit as well!

Finally, your tattoo session should be fun and exciting. Everyone has butterflies when their session starts but don’t overthink and worry excessively about the possibility of becoming turned on during your session. It doesn’t occur often, and if it does, it’s likely nothing your artist hasn’t experienced in the past.