Complete Guide to Collarbone Tattoos – With 25 Cute Designs

Collar bone tattoos can be found on the chest of a woman, below the neck and slightly above the breast.  They denote beauty and charm and make the chest sexually enticing. The collar bone tattoo comes in various designs and colours.

The body as we all know is a limitless canvas for everyone, especially the tattoo artist. And collar bone tattoos don’t always have to be minimalist figures placed right on or next to the bone. They can also extend into larger chest pieces like the “Braided Delight” or look poetic and emotional like the “fluttering butterflies”.

The collarbone area is often dismissed, however, it is a beautiful area of the body for tattoo ink. The collarbone area is alluring, especially the clavicle, and it gives the human body more placement options for design.  The tattoo can be designed right on the bone, or it may extend to the shoulder and down the arm. It can also be integrated into larger chest pieces.

Are Collarbone Tattoos painful?

Collarbone tattoos are one of the more difficult locations. The part of the body is highly sensitive which is because there is a lack of fatty tissue. Also, the bone is directly beneath the skin, which causes a lot of pain.

Getting the collarbone tattooed causes even the neck to hurt. There are always vibrations coming from the needle.

But you should not be discouraged as it is one of the most beautiful parts of the body for tattoo placement. And the clavicle area is almost the most painful area and no other part of the body hurts nearly as much. However,  you won’t feel so much pain if the tattoo is designed on the fleshier area just beneath the bone. But you should still brace up for a little bit of stinging. 

Do Collarbone Tattoos Age Well?

The collarbone tattoo ages well because it is a part of the body that stretches as you get older. This is also a determining factor that affects how long a tattoo can hold up over time. The skin on your collarbone stays the same, which makes the collarbone area a long-lasting part of the body for tattoo designs.

The outer collarbone area is even more perfect as it is said that this area is least exposed to the sun, it is covered up by clothing and so is protected from fading away through direct sunlight.

Where should a Collarbone Tattoo be placed?

It is important to know the perfect area of the collarbone to place your tattoo as there are so many parts you may want to try. Tattoos can be placed on the bone, under the bone or above the bone.

The most uncomfortable part is on the bone so you can extend your tattoo design to other parts of the collarbone. However, your intended design may also determine the perfect area to be placed.

The collarbone area extends to the chest, shoulders and neckline and you may choose to place your tattoo design on any of these parts. You should however consider the pain of each part.

How long do Collarbone Tattoos take to heal?

The healing process and time frame for collarbone tattoos are the same as tattoos designed on other parts of the body. The fact that it is the most painful area for tattoos to be placed doesn’t make it the longest healing process.

Like other tattoo designs, the collarbone tattoo also takes approximately four to six weeks to heal completely. The outer layer heals within two to three weeks and the inner layer may take close to six weeks to heal. A lot of people make the mistake of letting their tattoo dry up. It is important to be careful while waiting for your tattoo to heal as people get deceived by the outer layer of the tattooed skin. They slow down the aftercare and this delays the healing process even more.

Collarbone Tattoo Designs