Can a Tattoo Artist Copy Handwriting?

For years, we have been getting tattoos as a way of sharing our stories with the world. Tattoos have allowed us to express ourselves, hold on to personal memories and make them permanent. Getting your treasured letters or text on your skin as a tattoo is a great way to preserve these unique and meaningful memorabilia that, with time, tend to fade or get lost over the years. We know that all tattoo artists can transform our ideas into beautiful works of art, but can they bring our loved one’s letters and signatures to life and replicate them onto our skin? Let’s find out!

Your tattoo artist can recreate handwriting and transform them into tattoos. They can copy and preserve any text or image, although your artist might not want to risk the ink bleeding into the skin if the text is too small. Getting a handwritten tattoo is one of the best ways to preserve your loved one’s memory!

The artist that you choose to do your design will need to have a steady hand to be able to tattoo words on your skin successfully. Before they gt started, they will recreate the letters on a stencil and proficiently transfer them onto your skin.

Once the stencil has been create, always make sure there are no misspelled words. I also recommend checking 3-4 times just to make sure. Misspellings are rare, but they happen (even to celebrities like Ariana Grande, Harry Styles and Rihanna).

How Are They Able To Do It?

The first step in the process is for the tattoo artist to trace the design or words you bring onto transfer paper. This part of the process is where you usually choose the size and font of the piece, so they print the final transform paper to apply to your skin.

Once you have chosen your font and size, they will then begin to apply a soapy solution or an underarm deodorant stick onto your skin and position the transfer paper on the location of your choice, ensuring that it won’t be slanted. The artist will then ask you as many times as needed if the area seems right to you, and once confirmed, they will apply pressure to the paper to make sure that the ink transfers onto your skin. 

Your artist will apply pressure for a few seconds before gently removing the transform paper and allow the area to dry a little bit before starting. Suppose the site you choose has hair; in that case, your artist will tell you that they need to clean the area by shaving the location with a brand new disposable razor to work in a clean space without worrying about the tattoo needle getting caught within the hairs.

Many shops have become more modern with preparing for tattoo designs to shorten the time spent making them. Today, they use thermal-fax machines, which help the artists prepare their artwork in less time, helping them streamline the process and the number of clients they can see and attend in one day.

How Much Do Handwriting Tattoo Costs?

The price of handwriting tattoos will vary from artist to artist, where you live, and the size of the piece. When searching for an artist to do your piece, make sure you find out if they are charging by the hour or are pricing for the entire piece as this can have an impact on the overall cost as well. The average cost for a small tattoo can range between $30 to $100; for medium-sized tattoos, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$400, and larger sizes will be anywhere from $500- $1,000. 

Can Any Artist Do a Handwriting Design?

You don’t need to find someone who specializes in handwriting tattoos since the majority of the artists use the thermal scan fax machine to print out the copy of the design you bring them. Most will be able to execute your ideal piece, and it helps to bring the original copy of the design that day to make sure to print out the replica of your letter or signatures.

If the signature you want is in cursive, too close together, or too small in size, you can run the risk of the ink bleeding into your skin, and your artist may give you some advice on tweaking it so they can preserve the text just as it’s written.

While most artists are skilled enough to copy handwritten tattoos, you may have anxieties about letting anyone do this unique piece that will always remind you of your loved ones. That said, it’s understandable if you prefer choosing an artist specializing in handwriting tattoos.

Since there are countless fonts and styles you can choose from, it can be pretty nerve-racking to make these decisions independently. Luckily, you don’t! Many artists have their preferences in fonts and styles, and their years of experience will help you choose a type that fits your needs and wants for this piece. They want to make sure you’ll be happy with their finishing artwork to keep their clients happy.

Before choosing the first shop you find, make sure to do your research and get some insight on past artworks so they can serve as a reference. Also, never be afraid to speak your opinions and thoughts to your artist; after all, this is a beloved tattoo that will turn your loved ones’ words into a forever keepsake on your body.

Whether it’s a personal note from someone who has passed or a cute letter from your child, handwriting tattoos are a great way to commemorate our loved ones and show them off to the world. They are a versatile way to pay tribute to those who are significant in our lives.

Remember to ask your artist any questions or concerns about your piece before agreeing to something that you may not like. Depending on how small or faint the words may be, they may have their preferences and concerns, so it’s good to set up an appointment before getting the tattoo done to get to an agreement between you and your artist. Ultimately, you are in charge of your design and how you would like the tattoo to appear, so don’t be afraid to let your artist know if something doesn’t look right to you.