Best Numbing Cream

Numbing creams are a great way to help reduce the pain when getting a tattoo, especially if you are getting your work done on a sensitive part of the body.

There’s several numbing creams on the market. However, one of the most important factors to consider when picking out a cream is the amount of lidocaine the product contains. Lidocaine (the same drug used at the dentist) is the ingredient in the formula that does the numbing to your skin.

The highest concentrate of lidocaine that you can get without a prescription is 5%. If you are looking for maximum numbing, you need to find a cream that is made with 5% lidocaine.

In addition to the lidocaine, I like look for numbing creams that have Aloe and Vitamin E to help give your skin a boost in the healing process. I also want something that works quickly and for as long as possible. The one numbing cream that met all of these requirements for me is made by Ebanel Laboratories and called Numb520 (Amazon Link).

According to Ebanel Labs, the Numb520 cream begins working in as little as 3 minutes after being applied. Peak numbness will occur about 25 minutes after application. You can expect the area to remain numb for just over an hour before needing re-application.

A few additional things that I like about Numb520 is that the cream does not affect the color of your tattoo. Therefore you can apply it and not worry about weather if could damage your work.

Lastly, the cream has no smell and isn’t oily at all!

Application Tips

When you apply Numb520, make sure you rub it into your skin well to help make it most effective. After you’ve rubbed it in, I recommend wrapping it to cover it. You should do this whether you are applying it before or after getting a tattoo to help keep the cream concentrated in one area.