Are Septum Piercings Easy To Change?

Septum piercings are one of the unique types of piercings that can really change up your appearance. These piercings have been in the mix for a while, and their popularity has been growing more and more. The septum piercing is the skin that appears between your nostril, and this is where your piercing jewelry is adjusted. The area is also known as the “sweet spot”.

One of the reasons why many people avoid getting septum piercings is because of the pain that it comes with. But the truth is that every piercing comes with pain, and it’s just a moment of few seconds.

The main thing you should worry about is how you will take care of it. If you’re unsatisfied with your septum piercing you can still remove it but only once it’s healed. Is the removal process painful? Well, let’s find out by reading further down. Here is everything you will find out about changing a septum piercing, and when is the best time to do so.

How Long After A Septum Piercing Can I Change It?

One of the fun aspects to a septum piercing is all the different designs available for rings. The most common question I hear, is “When can I change my piercing”.  It takes around six to eight months for a septum piercing to heal; however the healing time is different or everyone. Some may get done before six months while for some it make take more than a year for the septum piercing to heal. The success and length of the healing process depends on various factors like how well you invest in its after care, and how your body accepts the piercing.

Normally the initial healing is over in 1-3 weeks, and it’s fully healed in the eight month. You can change your septum piercing 6 to 8 weeks after your piercing. The longer you allow your original piercing to heal, the fewer complications you are likely to experience. Make sure to get your septum piercing checked by your professional piercer before you do anything to it.

Does Changing Your Septum Piercing Hurt?

Changing a septum piercing doesn’t hurt if you’re doing it after the piercing has properly healed. You will experience a lot of pain and discomfort if you remove the piercing while it’s still going through its healing process.

Removing your piercing too soon can also put yourself at risk of damaging your nostrils; which is why it is important to wait. Once your piercing is fully healed you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to changing it, and especially don’t have to worry about pain.

As long as you follow the right way to remove a septum piecing you’re good to go. The best time to remove your septum piercing is after the 8th week of getting it as this way there is no chance of experiencing any pain.

When changing your septum piercing you first has to make sure you properly clean your hands and only then touch your piercing. Not washing your hands before could cause an infection in your piercing and that will delay the healing process.

Once you’ve washed and dried your hands clean the area of your septum piercing with a disinfection solution. Dry the piercing area with cotton and get on with removing the piercing. Holding both sides through the center of the piercing twist the end sideways in a very gentle way, but make sure you don’t pull the sides away too much.

While doing this make sure to keep your body relaxed, especially your hands. Any kind of stress or body stiffness can damage your piercing. When removing the piercing you may have a hard time searching for the hole, which is a very common for people struggle with. The best way to find it is by lifting the side area of your nose or you could also pinch the bottom side of your septum and smoothly pull it down and you will gradually be able to see the hole and carry on with the piercing removal process.

The first couple times you change your septum may be challenging. After that, it becomes much easier and almost second nature. If your septum has fully healed, you should feel little to no pain during the changing process.

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What Happens If I Change My Septum Piercing Too Early?

Septum piercings are one of the most complicated piercing as you’re getting a piercing done in a spot that is very delicate; hence you have to be all the more careful if you plan on removing the jewelry.

There are several complications that you may could arise if you remove your septum piercing before it’s properly healed. Complications such as an infection, puss drainage, redness, swelling, and pain are the few common things you will have to deal with. But, the side-effects are different for everyone.

Below are some of the most common issues you can expect to experience should you attempt to change your piercing too soon:

  • Increased Pain – As we established earlier, the septum is a tender part of your body. Changing your piercing before it’s had time to heal will certainly be more painful and cause your eyes to be very watery during the process.
  • Hard to find the hole – Since the hole will be irritated and swollen, it will be more difficult for you to insert the new ring into the hole. This will obviously, cause increased pain.
  • Increase risk of infection – Once you remove the old piercing, you are likely going to open up some of the scabbing and healing that has taken place. Inserting a new ring could cause the hole to become infected if the new ring is not properly sterilized and clean.

Can You Stretch a Septum Piercing Once It Has Healed?

Yes, you can stretch your septum piercing and there are different ways to do that. If you plan to stretch your piercing to a much bigger hole, you have to make sure you’re gentle while at it as the cartilage could migrate up to the nose.

You can also try the method in which you have to massage you septum with oil and get an insertion pin that’s at least one or two pins above your original jewelry. Push the pin though the septum and then align your new plug to the end of your pin that’s bigger while pushing the pin and jewelry out, and hence replacing it.

The stretching process may sound a bit complicated, but after you go thru it once, you’ll see that it isn’t as difficult as you imagined. It is recommended to get help from your professional piercer as this way you can avoid the risk of damaging your piercing jewelry or causing an injury to yourself. If septum piercing jewelry is greater that 14g then there is no need to stretch it.

If you plan to stretch your septum piercing, make sure you do it only once the piercing has healed, and make sure to thoroughly clean your hands before doing so.

The Bottom-Line

Now that you are aware of the fact that piercings aren’t very difficult to change you can easily carry out the removal process. Make sure to follow the remaining instructions which include not removing your piercing unless it’s healed. Follow the septum piercing removal technique, and guidelines from you piercer and you’re good to go.