6 Reasons Why People Get Tattoos & Why You Should Too

Getting a tattoo is purely a personal decision, and the reasons for getting one differs from person to person. People have been getting tattoos since ancient times, especially during the reign of different tribes. Most of the tattoos during those times represented the tribe they came from and were a sign of pride. Unfortunately, many people have a very biased view of tattoos, identifying people with them as gangsters and prisoners.

There are many people who look down on people with tattoos, especially in a professional work environment. However, tattoo lovers have never given in to the views that society has on tattoos. Instead, they have still got whatever tattoo they felt like getting wherever on their body. Some tattoos tell a real story about a person, while others just get it for the sake of its unique look.

You might be thinking of getting a tattoo or want to understand people’s obsession with getting tattoos. In either case, then you are at the right place. Mentioned below are a few reasons why people get tattoos.

Tattoos help Represent Individual Traits

Sometimes living in a world with so much competition can get exhausting. But at the same time, they want to express who they are as individuals. Tattoos help people do that, as they help represent individuality. Everyone’s different, and sometimes it’s hard to showcase that through words and actions. Hence, this is why you have such beautiful art-like tattoos. To really showcase your individual traits and stand out from the crowd, you can get a big and bold tattoo.

Your tattoo is your unique take on the world, and it allows you to share that view with people around you. Tattoos also act as a type of language that only specific people can understand. So when it comes to marking your individuality, some tattoos help showcase different traits about you. Like whether you’re a fighter, intellectual, or artistic person by getting tattoos related to those fields.

Your tattoo helps you express the person you are, even if you struggle to do so by other means of expression. It also makes you feel like you have something that people would love to know about you. So if you’re struggling with showcasing your individual personality traits, a tattoo will surely help you do that, no matter how small or big.

To Feel Pain Again and Again

While this may sound a bit harsh, you’re no one to judge if someone gets a tattoo only to feel something. Everyone has different struggles and tends to feel nothing, but the process of getting a tattoo allows them to feel pain.

Sometimes this pain gets so addictive that people tend to keep getting tattoos on a regular basis. On the other hand, some people get tattoos because they don’t want to feel pain; hence it is different for everyone.

With tattoos, you don’t only feel a sense of pain but also euphoria. Once you’re through the tattooing process, you achieve a beautiful, unique tattoo that makes you feel happy. This feeling of happiness also becomes a reason for people getting tattoos. Of course, you first have to get the tattoo and see if it’s a pain or the results that help you feel something.

Tattoos Represent Your Roots

As mentioned earlier, tattoos have been alive since 3100 BC. Early cultures saw tattoos as a religious and cultural practice and helped complete a few ancient rituals. In some tribes, tattoos helped symbolize your family and the social structure you belong to. While people have differing views now, people still get tribal tattoos to represent their ancestral roots.

The cultural meaning behind such tattoos makes an individual feel important. It also gives them the feeling that they are important and that they belong to something that was great. Carrying out your ancestral hereditary through tattoo art is something utterly symbolic.

Cover up Imperfections

Some people see tattoos as a form to cover up their cosmetic imperfections. People tend to feel insecure about stretch marks, scars, cellulite, and veins. The appearance of these imperfections makes them lose confidence in themselves at some point. But, tattoos are a rescue for such people as they help them feel confident by covering those imperfections.

Yes, you must always flaunt your imperfections, and there is no reason to cover them up. But, sometimes, it takes getting a tattoo to make you appreciate your imperfections. You can get small symbol-like tattoos to cover up an imperfection, and it won’t even look like you’re covering up something.

To Commemorate Something

Tattoos have the power to change the way you feel and think. Some people get quotes that every day reminds the wearer to be the best version of themselves. It actually helps them through tough days where they’ve lost motivation or generally feel low. There are a million tattoos out there, and each of them has a unique meaning that brings significance to your life in some way or another.

Some people get tattoos to remind them of someone they lost or any good memory that they miss. Getting a tribunal tattoo is one of the most wholesome tattoos you can get. It showcases how that specific person made a difference in your life and gives you a slight assurance that they are always watching over you. With such unique and heartwarming meanings attached to tattoos, in some cases, it makes it impossible not to get a tattoo at least once.

Allows People to Rebel

Unfortunately, many societies and people still don’t accept tattoos. Even today, there is a stigma attached to it. This gives some people more reason to get tattoos as a way to rebel against them. There are many other reasons why you would want to rebel.

It could be due to family reasons or maybe because you’ve been bullied all your life. Many people get a tattoo to rebel against someone that told them not to get one or someone who may have threatened them if they got one.

Tattoos give you that sense of control and power, and you don’t feel scared of anything. It’s a form of art, and there is nothing wrong with showing it to the world.

Many work environments don’t hire people who have tattoos, no matter how perfect they are for the job. In this case, many employees like to rebel against their workplaces by getting a tattoo. It shows others how tattoos are powerful, and there’s nothing you can do that will stop a person from getting one.

The Bottom-Line

Now that you have all the right reasons as to why people get tattoos, you can hopefully identify yours. It’s alright if you still don’t know why you want to get a tattoo; maybe you will find out once you get one for the first time. Make sure the idea of getting a tattoo is solely yours and that you should never allow anyone to force you to get one. There’s a beautiful experience behind getting a tattoo, and every individual deserves to experience it.