222 Tattoo Meaning Explained With 25 Designs

The tattoo comes in different designs and styles and each has its peculiar meaning.

Tattoos are marked figures, designs or words written on any part of the skin and are intentionally fixed or placed.

Tattoos can be created indelibly or by inserting a pigment under the skin. They can be temporarily applied to the skin and they usually last a few days to several weeks on the skin before they fade off.

What is a 222 Tattoo?

One unique style of tattoo is the 222. A 222 tattoo portrays goodness and all things positive. The 222 tattoo symbolizes goodness and this is why everyone wants this number on their skin. We all want good to follow us for the rest of our life. 

Most Common Places to get a 222 Tattoo

You can get the 222 tattoos designed on so many parts of your body. The 222 tattoos can be crafted behind your ears, forearm, rib/side, and collarbone. It can also be crafted in the middle of your back.

  1. Behind your ears: the 222 tattoo when placed behind the ear gives a unique aura as tiny tattoo designs look great when suited to the small and hideous parts of the body like behind your ears. It signifies hearing the word of God and allowing faith to guide you towards making decisions, guiding you towards goodness.
  2. Forearm: placing a tattoo on your forearm is common and this is because it signifies passion. Also, the forearm doesn’t cause so much pain unlike some other parts of the body. When the 222 tattoos are designed or carved on your forearm, you have the choice of showing it off only when you want. It makes the 222 tattoos to be both bold and concealed depending on when and where you are.
  3. Rib/Side: the rib or side of the stomach is one of the perfect areas for 222 tattoos on your body. They never go out of style. It is the most ideal part for creative and sensitive women.
  4. Collarbone: collarbone placement of tattoos are one of the prettiest. Designing the 222 just below the collarbone gives a sensual aura and is cute on any woman. However, getting tattooed on the collarbone is painful and demands endurance. The pain is always worth it in the end.

Which Celebrities have a 222 Tattoo?

Adam Levine got the 222 tattoos because it was the name of the first studio his band ever recorded in. Adam Levine was inspired by the success of his career which started in the 222 studio. The 222 tattoos are designed on his forearm and the album was named, “overexposed”. The album gave him a lot of fans and he has become known as the face of the 222 tattoos.

222 Tattoo Designs